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Alida Bos met koeien




Puttaparthi, January 08, 2008.


ALIDA wishes you a happy new year!
As often I was with the Christmas days in the middle of my "project...."
Bernard and Clemens surprized me compleetly.
I had to keep my focus in all turbulence....
And didn't realize how important my birthday was: 50 year.
My beloved sons and friends in Holland made me clear.
I was surprized: so amazing, so much nice, sweet and lovely expressions and personal attentions all collected in a surprice box and in a birthday book.
For me the Christmas days were: 1 big performance without my participation.
But Baba gave me so much attentions: He is working on my first blessing, the full moon is now a daily experience, even in the Holy night He didn't forgot me, so much personal appreciations in songs, music, in the air, in animals and of course many sweet people.
In 6 months I got the space to express my love and commitment by taking care for the meditation garden. By cleaning, reorganizing and making it more beautiful and Holy.
With a clean mind in a clean garden and in the tempel.
In the tempel I got extreemly dirty mirrors....
It was so terrible and disgusting, that just before Chrismas, they didn't allow me to come in the ashram.
It is very clear were the black trouble points are!!!
Most of my friends know that I was succesful in "worst-cases".
So I have trust and hope in a fair, honest, peaceful and probably very surpricing happy ending of this mission.
The extreemly terrible experiences, day and night, didn't had influence on my gratitude: I feel honoured and an abounance of love and power.
Our Holy Father is now on earth!
With His pure heart,
His creative power and
His wisdom sharing with us.
He is the Sun-king in Divine Love and Light.
So we can BE beautiful loving people!!!
I will be buzy in India the comming time...
But you are in my heart!




Puttaparthi, Oktober 30, 2007.


Clearity and inner knowing, as the clear night shows us the stars and the moon.
During the Ramadhan: a day at 6 AM, the moon and the star are standing in their special Muslim setting.
On October 23 at 10 PM we could see the face of Baba in the full moon, you can see on: It's appeared on the whole world! We can expect more lila's of our Lord of Love, Mercy and Peace!!!!
The moon these last day's had a very special personal impact.
This morning, during cleaning the garden, I found a hidden stone with the face of Prema Sai Baba; so great, so beautyful and graceful!!!
Thank You my Lord!
It shows me again how important it is: cleaning up. Keep our mind, our heart and our relations clean, than we really can enjoy God's creation on Mother earth!!!

Christo eleison!
Your Alida.



Puttaparthi, International worldpeace day, September 21, 2007.


A few day's ago we enjoyed more than 11 different Ganesha's in party expression... The celebration of Ganesha's birthday.
40 years ago I was sitting on a car as a Japonese girl, in a circle with children around the globe with the tekst: PEACE! On top of the globe was a plastic white pigon.
Now in the temple fly's the white pigon around!

Daily we enjoy the fruits of the Baba's school for music: excellent music and beautiful songs.

Shelters for homeless people are there!
But most of the beggars are to lazy to build up a normal life.
It's easy to receive money in the street.

On 14/09/07 I received my first expected blessing of Baba! I can express it in 1 word: GREAT!!!
Now I expect a second blessing, when that happens.....??? Then I will stay in India forever. God knows!
My visa extends till May '08.

I met a person who wants to set up a Hospice. My experience with terminal care will be welcome.

Now there is a whole team in the garden: Himlatha, Padmini, Bharatha, Joshida and Tree Harry. Every morning we enjoy Mother Nature and the Deities!

The elefant is now without name... There will come new inspiration.
She has a nice dancing swing.

I created scarfs with the message: Pleace don't push, meditate, Om Sai Ram.
Tomorrow I will us it in tempel. Will it have good influence??
Jesus wouldn't tollerate such brutal attitude...
Baba is to sweet!

This Ramadan period is very intens and powerful: hope for peace!
For all of you!
It starts with inner peace.
Send you Light, your Alida!





Puttaparthi, September 6, 2007.


In August I had 5 wonderful days with my sons, Bernard and Clemens!
It's important that they know how I live now and where....
Everyday cosy times in the nice restaurants!
Clemens made beautiful pictures and Bernard makes the site beautiful: It's great!
I got surpricing nice contact with Russian Masters. Radna was my roommate for a few weeks. And with Nathalia, Ma Prem Sadu and her daughter Juliana I shared wonderful time: filled with love, humor and in sisterhood we were taking care for people!
Thank You Baba! For this real Baba sisters!!!
I was buzy to orientate for good shelters for the beggars, a shelter to eat and sleeping place.
It's now a matter of money, I don't want to beg for that!
I decided to extend my visa till medio Februari....
Information for Kris: I lunch every thursday with my brother Henk in the world peace cafe....
I got dedicated support in the garden; Tree Harry, Himlattha and I are very happy with broom and flower paddles!
New Islamitic stone's are made by lady's for Iran!

Send you Love and Light your Alida.


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Puttaparthi, August 4, 2007.

The little elephant is called Sai Deva Lakshmi, she is 4 years old, a kind of toddler....

Last week with Guru Purnima it was so crowdy, I could not handle all the pushing womans in Mandier! Found peace in de meditation garden, between the rocks.

The moon and the star got extra sand!
More trash to clean in the garden: I did it! I feel so "rocky"!

Last night I get up, not because of mosquito's. They like to join me inside my mosquitonet....
But to write my Reiki message!
What offer is needed for gratitude?
To help others, to give your time to others!
To share the Divine Love without connection with money.
Spiritual work is no business.
For me the money was NEVER priority! Working with poor people in Nicaragua and Holland.
Interesting to see: people make money by working for the Divine, they live luxerous, without respect for the Divine and compassion for the people around them....
The symboles from books and internet are TRASH!
So just use your initated hands twice a day at least 40 minites for yourself, without such symboles!
God will give blessings, when He sees your dedication!
I know so many Masters, they know: they sell trash! They just go on without care for the souls, only care for their own banc account.
Even for good masters it's much better to earn your money in a normal job. You must be so balanced to work in the world.
Reiki, Divine Love is not for sale!
So it feels "rocky" too,removing this spriritual trash. With whole my heart and soul: I remove the Reiki money issue!!!!

Next week an other appartment: packing again....
Send you Light, your Alida.


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Puttaparthi, July 22, 2007.

Dear friends,

Since July 13 I rent an appartment in the village.
After so many sweet room-mate's, cosy time's, it's time for more deepening. It started in the end of June. Take more time for myself; prayer in the room, not in temple. With nice results!!!
My live floats as I expected!

On an emotional day, it's hard to be so far from my boy's!
Alsoo the memory's of saying goodbye gives tears: Willem (Boyl), the club of 8, reunion of Arnhem, the walk with Evelien, taking pictures with Uk, the haircut-session with Tineke, the last day's in the house of mother Marie, drinking tea with Sunny in the meadow.....
All: so sweet and connected!
Feel so much gratitude for the guidance to India of Carla, daddy, and Mrs. Takata from heaven!

The meditation garden is transformed: is clean, Mother Maria came of the hill...., the moon and star of the Moslims are created, even the pyramid of Ra the God of the Sun.
The seeds of Jannie are giving healing the heart of Krisna.

I found between all the rocks...2 rocks in the form of dolphin's.
So cleaning in the garden and special cleaning in the spirit.... was my daily activity.

For this moment the is an international yought-conference, a very beautiful and impressing exhibition about Baba's work and mission, and... new life: baby elefant!

You can look for the sites:

Today we made pictures in the meditation-garden, with the camera of Suresh the owner of my lassie-pub!

Hope you get an nice impression, with Love and Light,

your Alida.


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Puttaparthi, June 23, 2007.

Dear friends,

After a surpricing nice haircut, I packed my suitcases.
Cann't say how often I was buzy with: packing and unpacking in India.
Now there is more stucture for me! But Monday it's packing day again!

Baba elefant died May 22, 2 days before I arrived, a big lost and a lot sadness for Baba.
Now Baba feels better, more energy for his body, careful walks in the tempel.

The new day starts at 2.15 AM: praying and mediation time....
I feel happy to clean the meditation garden, can take care for "my heart": a message I wrote to Baba on the beach in Sheveningen last year is now in the garden filled with fresh flowers every day.
I can work in the hospital, but because I don't like the cold airstream of ventilators, I'm waiting to give my serves there.
Every day is filled with support to people in different ways, sometimes just a touch of love is enough.
Complete massages, treatments are welcome....
Feel so much gratitude feeling home in India, in the last month I cann't count so many heart to heart connections!!

I'm proud of my sweet boys managing family-life together with dog and cat!
At 2.30 a have alsoo a friend dog infront of the temple, he likes to lay next to me, so sweet!

So much sweetness on different lavels, thank You my beloved Baba!
Send Love and Light to you in Holland, Yersey, Africa, USA(my sweet cookie!!!) Nicaragua, Belgium( my sister Yen!), let's make a better world, it needs just a touch of Love!

Your Alida!!


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